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ALiCE: Authoring Lifecycle Collaboration Environment

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Envision a world where implementing a structured content and document management solution does not require complex proprietary tools that can only be used by XML experts. With ALiCE (Authoring Lifecycle Collaboration Environment), i4i delivers on that vision.

ALiCE expands our intelligent structured authoring tool with a robust set of dashboards that offer a suite of content creation, collaboration, and management features for all your product information, regulatory labelling and corporate document needs.

Designed specifically for the management of structured content. It provides full workflow, collaboration, and version control, using access control rules based on users, groups, roles, and permissions. A fully validated solution that easily fits within your corporate technology environment.

ALiCE is modular in nature and highly configurable, with its capabilities delivered through an intuitive web browser interface.

[ALiCE Framework]

ALiCE Functions and Framework


Core Feature Benefits

  • Familiar interfaces ensure easy user adoption
  • Structured authoring with full Microsoft Word experience+
  • Metadata driven content, workflow & reuse models
  • Content efficiency & reuse
  • Collaboration process
  • Publish & submission management for global health authority jurisdictions [FDA, EMA, etc...]
  • Translation management enhanced by content efficiency & reuse model
  • Complete content tracking & reporting for the lifecycle of document change processes
  • Access control
  • Easily fits within your corporate technology environment

ALiCE extends our flagship x4o authoring solution with a suite of modules that deliver boundless possibilities for managing the creation and lifecycle of all your content. The innovative customization and optimization of i4i's ALiCE and x4o technology lead to the development of our ALiCE for Labeling Global, EU and US solutions.

These successful implementations of i4i's core technologies have been serving the life science's industry for over 15 years.