Create and Edit XML Documents with x4o

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Your authors should not be required to learn a markup language in order to create and edit XML documents. x4o (XML for Office) allows your authors to simply select the appropriate XML (or SGML) template and author as they would in Microsoft Word. With x4o, your authors can:

  • Create and edit XML content, based on pre-defined templates, in Microsoft Word.
  • Markup XML in real-time - no post-processing is involved.
  • Insert semantic markup through the Office Assistant or right-mouse button.
  • Employ normal Microsoft Word functionality to insert XML elements. For example, press the ENTER key and a new marked-up paragraph or list item is automatically created.
  • Use pre-defined templates with familiar formatting.
  • Collaborate with users using other XML content applications.
  • Use any industry standard or custom DTD*. (If you don't have a DTD, simply build one in x4o Designer.)

* x4o can also be configured to support schemas.

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