Publish XML Documents with x4o

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Until recently publishing XML (or SGML) documents required complex, heavy-weight publishing engines. Now, with i4i's x4o (XML for Office) solution, XML documents can be published using Microsoft Word. If Microsoft Word can publish it, x4o can publish it. x4o renders OASIS exchange tables, causes lists within lists to number correctly, renders graphics and text boxes; all the publishing features of Microsoft Word. And, of course, x4o can be configured to publish from XML to PDF using Microsoft Word as the rendering engine.

x4o can be used as an on-demand publishing tool on the desktop or configured to run in batch mode on your publishing server.

If your publishing needs exceed the capabilities of Microsoft Word, i4i makes available the XML Professional Publisher from XyEnterprise, a high performance content formatting and publishing application that composes pages from XML source data and outputs high quality results in Postscript and PDF formats. XPP can also format other fielded data, such as database feeds, SGML, HTML, and other ASCII text to high-quality pages. XPP provides superior XML and typographic support combined with a level of speed, power and throughput that is unattainable in other publishing systems.

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