Track and Manage the Evolution of Documents in a Project with ALiCE

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Document management is more than ensuring proper checkouts and checkins. Individual documents are normally part of a larger activity, such as the development of CTD or eCTDs for regulatory filing. The creation of complex document sets is often modeled in a workflow/project management control tool, such as Microsoft Project.

With ALiCE (i4i's Authoring Lifecycle Collaboration Environment), you can connect directly to Microsoft Project and pull in progress and status information. With a few simple clicks a user can open a project and get the most up to date status on the documents in a task. The project is updated as to percentage complete by individual document, as well as by entire dossier and workflow status. And because the documents and folders appear to Microsoft Project as tasks they can be linked into larger project management templates, giving the user a complete overview on the state of their work.

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