Reuse and Share Content Between Documents with ALiCE

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Over 80% of information held in corporate documents is duplicate - information that has been recreated by authors time and time again. Not only is this process expensive, it also leads to a higher incidence of errors.

To solve this problem i4i has ALiCE (i4i's Authoring Lifecycle Collaboration Environment). ALiCE enables the sharing and reuse of document fragments, regardless of where the documents or the fragments are stored. The document fragment versions are managed and document integrity is ensured at all times - at no time will users be returned a document that is missing fragments.

With ALiCE, organizations can develop 'inventories' of reusable content fragments with their own life cycles. Fragments are subject to versioning and permission rules. Authors can request 'where used' information about fragments, allowing them to determine all other documents sharing the fragments. Using this they can determine which documents are impacted by changes.

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